Electronic Cigarettes Hot Items In Illinois

The government and individual companies may enforce policies that will restrict the use of electronic cigarettes, but the craze still proves to be hot and unstoppable.  This is a fact proven in the state of Illinois where the number of vapers increases as well as the number of stores and shops establishing businesses here.

3D Vapor

It is an electronic cigarette shop located in East Alton and is owned by the Reinke couple, Heather and Dan.  The owners and their staff are not just set on selling their goods, but also on spreading knowledge about vaping.  Jessica Paul is an employee in the store and according to her, when they start to speak about the terms about vaping, other people seem to think they are talking about alien stuff.  Yet, once they speak these words to those who have tried vaping, they are clearly understood.

electronic cigarette-illinois

Electronic cigarettes would definitely sound unfamiliar to many people because these products are relatively new. First introduced to the Chinese in 2004, Americans and Europeans only got to know about them in 2006-2007.  Dan Reinke, co-owner of 3D Vapor said that he first dedicated 4-5 months of research on these products before finally deciding to start a business.  He found that the market sales of the devices have already tripled since the time it was introduced in the market.  Last year alone, the revenue is already $500 million and this year; this amount is expected to increase more than 100%.

Electronic cigarettes are considered by smokers and users as a better option to conventional smoking. It can produce vapor that appears like smoke. This vapor even smells sweet and delicious, in contrast to the repugnant smoke from tobacco.  Like tobacco cigarettes, the devices can deliver nicotine sans the other harmful agents of tobacco.  Many smokers trying to quit smoking prefer vaping over using other nicotine replacement therapies like patches, gums and lozenges because of the closer resemblance of vaping to smoking.

Dan said that bars in the area allow vapers in their vicinity.  Most restaurants are also allowing vapers to use their products.  He also added that based on a number of researches previously conducted, vapors from cigarettes are not harmful kike secondhand smoke.  Nicotine is not the component that tends to harm other people, but the tar and toxins released into the air by burning tobacco.

It was only last June 1 when the store named after Dan and their two sons, Deren and Deven was opened. If you are within the area and would like to invest some money on advanced personal vaporizers or APV, just drop by the store where the staff will warmly receive you.  APVs are sleek version of electronic cigarettes and can be placed inside your pocket or worn around the neck.

Dan and Heather said they were not considering starting up a business, but it found them.  Before they opened the store, they used to drive for 45 minutes to St. Peters, Mo. to get their juice supply, as they were also former smokers who can finish 2.5 cigarette packs in a day.  If they order online, it will take two weeks before the merchandise is delivered. They were aware that other vapers in the area are also driving far just to buy juices.

Dan attended a convention in Chicago where people asked him to bring back some starter kits with him to East Alton.  After two day, all his starter kits were sold.  He placed orders and they were sold out again pretty soon. After that, the couple decided to put up the shop.  A starter kit in 3D Vapor costs $39.95 and is already inclusive of vaporizer and atomizer, charger and case for carrying.  Flavor liquids are at $6-18. One cigarette pack is worth one-week use of the flavored liquids manufactured in Jerseyville or Alton; not ordered from China.  On the first day of opening, the shop already earned $2,200.

What is even interesting is that doctors refer patients to 3D Vapor, but Dan makes it a point not to sell and market his goods as cure for quitting smoking.  Rather than say quit, Dan uses the word switch when talking to clients. For him, he does not call himself an ex-smoker, but a switcher. The store also does not sell to minors or claim any health benefits from using the devices.

Tribble Vapors

This shop was among the first group of electronic cigarette establishments in the area of Springfield. It opened last spring at 2413 Denver Drive. Its owner is Niki Castleman who said that she expects more things coming up as additional stores open in many communities and on the internet despite legislation being passed and implemented.  Using her own sold products, Castleman is originally from St. Louis, but now stays in Springfield with her family to attend to the store.

FDA Regulations, Bans And Taxes

The hotness of electronic cigarettes is not just about how popular they are among users and buyers.  Hotness of these devices also covers the heat they are receiving from the government and other agencies.  One hot debate about them is their safety. Opponents say that there are no studies to confirm that electronic cigarettes are safe. However, some health experts say that compared to tobacco cigarettes; electronic cigarettes are considerably less harmful. Some from the medical community even asserts that if only smokers would switch to vaping, then millions of human lives might be saved.  FDA said that regulatory measures for these products are underway.

Although the state and the federal laws still have no particular legislation for vaping, individual establishments are left to implement their own rules regarding the use of the devices within their facilities.  Legislators are also considering placing tax charges on the products just to wean vapers from their seemingly unstoppable support for electronic cigarettes.

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