The Best Electronic Cigarette Is Just Like The Real Thing

Electronic cigarettes are very popular and trendy. In fact, there are a lot of models of this product that you can buy in the market. For hardcore and heavy smokers, however, it is not just the looks of the device that matters. For them, the best electronic cigarette is one that will give them the best experience, as if they were puffing out the real cigarette.

VUSE From RJ Reynolds Vapor Company

One product worthy of smoker’s attention is VUSE by RJ Reynolds Vapor Company. Vuse is claimed to be able to give users a great experience seemingly like that of true tobacco smoking. The company claims this is the best electronic cigarette as it is coupled with digital technology principles.

Vuse will first be available only in Colorado on July because most people are aware the electronic cigarette is a very controversial topic, even banned in some states.

Vuse Cartridges

This best electronic cigarette has cartridges that power up the device and make it quite special. One cartridge is said to last as long as that of a regular pack of cigarettes. Heat needs to be applied to the cartridge to produce and create vapor. When you inhale the vapor, you would feel as if you are truly smoking a real cigarette. Unlike other similar products in the market, Vuse can give you steadier puffs. This is what can give smokers that intense first drag when they smoke. It is what smokers (wanting a healthier life) would like to get from a nicotine replacement product.

Less Wasteful Vuse

This best electronic cigarette is also better when it comes to electronic wastes. Rather than being entirely disposable, Vuse has a USB charger and AC adapter. With this design, the product can be used over and over. The cartridges, however, are disposable.

Vuse Options

You have two options with this product, Solo And System.

  • With solo option, you get the best electronic cigarette Vuse, your chosen cartridge, rechargeable power unit and USB charger.
  • With system option, you get the device, three cartridges, AC adapter, USB charger plus a carrying case. Cartridges will be separately sold at retail stores. The device you buy will already pre-charged so you can readily use it after buying the pack.

Smart Technology

This device is smart technology powered. This allows the power to be regulated and monitored along with cartridge performance to give user consistent puffs.

MarkTen By Altria Inc.

Another possibly best electronic cigarette is MarkTen, by the biggest tobacco company in the States, Altria Inc. Altria is actually the last of the three major tobacco companies to start venturing on electronic cigarettes. Just as the company’s competitor’s products were promoted, MarkTen is also said to be able to give user a fine, close-to-the-real-thing experience. The company’s subsidiary, Nu Mark, is said to offer the best electronic cigarette in Indiana this coming August.

MarkTen Features

  • This is a disposable electronic cigarette that can also be recharged using a kit that you can buy separately.
  • Cartridges are also among the components of this device that give flavor and great vaping experience.
  • Just like the world renowned cigarette brand by Altria, Marlboro, MarkTen also comes in menthol and classic flavors.

Four Draw Technology

If Vuse by RJ Reynolds is using smart technology, MarkTen by Altria is designed with the Four draw technology. This ensures the user of a more consistent, satisfying experience as if puffing a traditional stick of cigarette.

Blu Cigs By Lorillard

Blu Cigs is also regarded as the best electronic cigarette by many users as it is the leading electronic cigarette company in America. Last year, Lorillard, the third biggest tobacco company in the US acquired Blu Cig. The design of this vaping device is also said to give you an amazing experience, close to the actual experience of smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Blu Cig Features

  • This best electronic cigarette is shaped like an actual stick of cigarette.
  • Like the other devices, puffing this device will release vaporized nicotine.
  • It is available in various strengths and different flavors that will suit every user’s preferences.
  • Its tip has a LED light that becomes activated when you take out a drag from.
  • Using this device allows you to have the feel and the look of a usual cigarette. Nonetheless, there is no smoke or ash to worry about.

Starter Kits

Starter kits come as original, as premium or as premium100. It is equipped with the Smart Pack Technology that will immediately alert the user in case other blu users and blu retailers are close. The pack can hold up to five flavors of cartridges and these will equal five cigarette packs. You can also charge the batteries even while you are on the go.

Advanced Premium Pack Features

It has a social feature that can be turned on or off as you like. It also has a mini USB for efficient charging and management.

Reynolds American Now Ventures The Fast-Growing Electronic Cigarette Market

Smokers these days are turning into vapers. Smokers are gradually replacing their tobacco cigarettes with personal vaporizers or electronic cigarettes (devices that turn nicotine solution into vapor and mimic the action/process of smoking). ‘Cool’, is how a vaper would probably describe himself/herself. Sales from tobacco products are now decreasing so tobacco making companies like Reynolds American Inc. are now taking a plunge into the electronic cigarette market. Reynolds American is the company that sells Camel, Pall Mall and other cigarettes.

The Company Is Offering VUSE

Signaling the company’s beginning of a new undertaking in the electronic cigarette market is the ‘Vuse‘. It is its own electronic cigarette brand. According to the company, their action was not prompted by the fact that not all smokers are actually considering switching into the electronic device. Instead, their aim for delivering Vuse is to offer the consumers something that they are searching for in a device.

Not all electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers out there are the same. Some do not even come close to delivering the same experience as actual smoking. The company promises to change this false trend. Through Vuse, the user is promised to feel a great experience, close to smoking. Vuse is what the company describes as pleasing vapor experience like no other.

The company recognizes the forecasts of Wall Street analysts that the electronic cigarette market is sure to grow significantly within the next years to come. Electronic cigarette market has been seen with a fast growth rate through the thousands of consumers who have bought the devices. In 2006, the number of users grew from thousands to millions all over the world. Sales, as estimated by analysts could reach a doubled amount that can reach up to one billion dollars by the end of this year. Right now, electronic cigarette market might still be very small compared to tobacco industry, but some predict that it can surpass sales and consumptions of traditional smokes in the next ten years. In support of this prediction, the volume of tobacco has been decreased to roughly 600 million already. During those growth years of electronic cigarette market, the company said that they intend their Vuse to be the number one brand in the industry.

What Is In Vuse Exactly?

Smart Technology. According to RJ Reynolds Company president Stephanie Cordisco, their product is empowered through Smart Technology. What they offer the electronic cigarette market with this is well regulated, properly-monitored heat, cartridge and power performance. All in all, what you could get from using Vuse is a perfect puff each and every time. Other products simply do not deliver consistent performance. Vuse is equipped with digital technology that can offer superior quality and class.

US Assembly. Another thing that sets Vuse apart from others is that all of its design and assembly are US-made. The company ensures the electronic cigarette market that they implement fully automated manufacturing so that Vuse will always have reliable cartridge.

Environmental- And Cost-Friendly. Vuse is still an affordable and convenient disposable smokeless device. It is rechargeable so it offers continuing savings and minimal impact to the environment. The tip of the device has a smart light feature that can tell the user if the battery is already low so that he/she could recharge it already.

Package Options. You have two options to choose from as to how you would like to experience the offerings of Vuse.

  • There is Vuse Solo (at about $10) that contains the device along with USB charger, rechargeable power unit and your choice of classic/flavored cartridge.
  • Vuse System (roughly $30) contains the device, USB charger, power unit, AC adapter, carrying case and three different flavors of cartridge. In case your cartridges have emptied, you can buy new ones from many retail stores. One cartridge can be used for as long as your regular pack of cigarettes could last.

In July In Colorado

As you would have already known, electronic cigarettes have been facing restrictions in many states and places across the United States. Thus, for the time being, the much awaited Vuse will only be available in Colorado stores this coming July. Their marketing strategy for Vuse is said to include spots in Television broadcasting, an area where traditional cigarettes were banned from.

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