For any chef, installing a professional kitchen represents a challenge. However, if you comply with key aspects regarding equipment and technology like nugget ice machines, the task may be more comfortable than it seems. Do you plan to implement professional cooking? Check these important details that you should not miss in your project.

Energy savings

Cooking is one of the tasks with the highest energy expenditure. This is due to the power that machines demand and the cooking of food. It is for this reason that having saving techniques and tools becomes a necessity.

It privileges the use of stainless-steel since this type of material is suitable for conserving heat.

Maintain a general cleaning, besides worrying that the gas outlets of the stoves are in perfect conditions. All this to save on repairs.

Avoid currents of air so that the extractor works optimally. The filters and ducts need to be cleaned periodically. In the case of the bell, it is vital that you adjust the speed: the slower, the less noise and expense.

Use led lighting.

Resistant materials

For a professional kitchen, the materials must be very solid. As already mentioned, stainless steel is undoubtedly one of the highly desirable alternatives: it is resistant, has a long shelf life and is ideal for maintaining heat and food preservation.

Custom equipment

So that everything is intelligently placed, you have to know what and how is the space of the place you have. It is not the same to implement professional kitchen for a large restaurant than for a fast food SME. Every machine, tool or product that you acquire has to be installed in an ideal way, thinking about the ease of cleaning and maintenance. If you have a small room, do not hesitate to privilege smaller devices in size to have efficiency and comfort.

Technological implementation

Technology is not only limited to computers and telephones. In the culinary world have been incorporated a host of advances that allow better performance and quality of work when implementing professional kitchen.

For example, vacuum cooking machines prevent food from losing its nutritional properties. For its part, deep freezing maintains the flavor, quality, and property of the food for days thanks to blast chillers, in addition to preventing the production of bacteria.