You are a passionate cook and want to live your passion? Whether you are a professional or a neophyte in the field, creating a restaurant is always a difficult task, especially when it comes to equipping your professional kitchen. In fact, to choose the right equipment you have to take into account important parameters, whether technical criteria such as comfort at work, performance, and functionality, the space available to you, or hygiene and safety standards. security to respect. To help you better realize your projects, here are some tips to help you properly equip your professional kitchen.

Establish your needs

To equip the professional kitchen adapted to your needs, it is essential to identify your needs and requirements in terms of space, equipment, and materials. Everything must be done to bring comfort and functionality to your kitchen. For this, you must identify the necessary equipment taking into account your needs and the budget at your disposal. It will be necessary to take into account among others your supply of raw material and thus the storage of this one, the mode of cooking of foods and their treatments, the system of distribution (hot or cold connection) fromĀ commercial ice maker , the service, the dishes (meal trays, plates, self-service, etc.), as well as waste treatment.

The help of an excellent cook will then refine your list of needs and design the professional kitchen that will suit you. For that, trust an experienced professional in the field. Obviously, the main stakeholders should not be excluded during this crucial step of defining the needs of the restaurant. Among other things, this is the chef who will be the end user of the equipment. It is therefore essential to meet his needs in comfort and functionality. In addition, he grew up from his previous experiences and will be able to share them in order to complete the cook’s proposals. The collaboration between the two stakeholders will lead to the ideal compromise between functionality and budget.

Choose materials and arrange your space

Designing a professional kitchen worthy of the name also means choosing the right equipment. Whether for cooking, dishes or storage, opt for the best material is necessarily felt on the dishes. You will need to choose your equipment by focusing on quality, ergonomics, and its smooth operation. The choice of your equipment must respect important technical criteria in order to adapt perfectly to their functions. These criteria include sizing, capacity, energy efficiency, health and safety compliance, and level of recycling. To guarantee the quality of your “haute cuisine” equipment, it is better to invest in reliable and quality brands.

In any case, equipping a professional kitchen is a long and complex project. To do it alone is to take the risk of concealing a failure. Make the choice to turn to professionals and kitchen designers.